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Prom Transportation in New York, NJ, NYC

Prom is one of the most exciting and memorable experiences young people go through.  It is an important event in most people’s lives, and one which requires a lot of planning.  One thing most parents are concerned about is the safety of their children when they go off to prom.  Many kids are driving themselves out to dinner, to the dance and sometimes to an event after the dance.  While driving, many of these kids can be distracted by friends, or even under the influence of alcohol. 

To help keep them safe, many parents decide to schedule prom transportation in New York, NJ or NYC.  One of the easiest, and most affordable options is to book a luxury motor coach for a large group of students.  Omega Express LTD can pick up the kids at a central location, drive them wherever they need to go.  With our professional drivers, you can rest assured that your children will be kept as safe as possible throughout the evening. 

Prom Transportation in New York, NJ, NYC | Keeping You in Control

Another advantage to booking a luxury bus for your kid’s prom is that you will retain some control over the evening.  The bus driver will transport the kids to the locations you specify, and nowhere else.  This will help keep them safe, while still allowing them to have an excellent experience they will never forget.  When it comes to turning time driving on the road into a part of the party, there is nothing better than a bus from Omega Express LTD.  We’ve been helping parents and students with prom transportation in New York, NJ and NYC for years.

We will make the entire experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.  We can pick the students up virtually anywhere that is convenient in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island or any other location.  We’ll then make sure they get to where they need to go safely, and on time.  After the dance is over, we’ll be there to safely bring them back home.  Parents love professional prom transportation in New York, NJ and NYC because it keeps the children safe.  Students love it because it keeps the fun of prom going all evening long, and allows them to be with their friends the whole time.

Prom Transportation in New York, NJ, NYC | Call 718-858-8222 To Book Your Prom

All of our busses are inspected by our team of mechanics to ensure the bus is in exceptional condition.  Both the mechanics of the bus, and the inside are cleaned and ready to go so students will be picked up and arrive at their prom in style.  We own 30 busses, so we can handle parties of any size, and since we are not brokers, you’ll save money on the total cost of the prom transportation in New York, NJ or NYC. 

Call us at 718-858-8222 to book your prom transportation in New York, NJ or NYC today.  We offer a variety of discounts, including up to 20% off for events occurring between March and November!  When you call, ask our customer service professional about any specials going on, or ask them any other questions you might have about booking bus for your kid’s prom.

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