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Bus Charter Services in New York, NJ, NYC

Attempting to organize transportation for a large number of people can be very difficult.  Whether you need to pick up a group from the air port, or transport them across the country on a sightseeing tour, finding the right bus charter service in New York, NJ or NYC can be a lot of work.  There are a number of different companies advertising this type of service, but they are certainly not all equal in what they offer.  Many companies are actually just brokers who are trying to match up customers with actual charter bus services.  This, of course, results in the customers having to pay extra in order to go through the middle man.

Omega Express LTD, however, offers true bus charter service in New York, NJ and NYC.  We own and operate each of our 30 luxury coaches ourselves, and even perform all the service on them at our own facility.  This means you can save money by dealing directly with us rather than going through a broker.  In addition, you’ll get better service because we can answer all your questions and take special requests directly.  Call 718-858-8222 to speak with one of our customer care professionals, and you’ll quickly see how much easier it is to deal directly with the bus charter company.

Bus Charter Services in New York, NJ, NYC | Ideal for Any Size Group

We have 30 busses in our fleet, so no matter how larger your group is, we can handle the transportation.  We have busses that hold anywhere from 26 to 61 passengers, and for even larger groups we can schedule two or more busses for the trip.  Whatever it is you need for your event, our bus charter services in New York, NJ and NYC can help ensure the transportation goes smoothly.

Traveling using bus charter services in New York, NJ or NYC is also much more enjoyable for everyone involved.  Rather than having to have one person driving, and everyone else cramped in vehicles, everyone gets to relax in comfort.  You can get up to stretch your legs, and even use the restroom right on our luxury motor coach.  Whether you are scheduling a business trip, a school field trip, a church outing or any other event, we are her to help you get where you’re going in comfort.

Bus Charter Services in New York, NJ, NYC | Call 718-858-8222 for Omega Express LTD

Here at Omega Express LTD we do all we can to keep our bus charter services in New York, NJ and NYC as simple and affordable as possible.  For new customers, we offer discounts of 15-20% from November to March, and we offer 10% off for trips scheduled Monday – Thursday all year long!  When you call 718-858-8222 to schedule your event, we can arrange to pick you up or drop you off in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island or just about anywhere else in the area.  We work hard to be the most comfortable, affordable and convenient bus charter service in the area so don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to schedule your next outing.

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